Best Beaches in Bali

If you’re looking for a holiday that’s filled with sun, surf and sand, look no further than beautiful Bali. There’s plenty of ways to get wet on the island from water parks to private pools, waterfalls to surf beaches. With so much choice, we’ve decided to share our favourite beaches for all types of holiday makers:
  1. Seminyak Beach. In Seminyak you can pull your lounger, bean bag or bar stool right onto the sand and sip your cocktail while the sun goes down. Head to La Plancha or Ku De Ta for the best spots on the beach.
    Seminyak Beach | Image by @colourfultravel via Instagram | Best Beaches in Bali | Global ExplorerSeminyak Beach | Image by @colourfultravel via Instagram
  2. Nusa Dua. On the other side of the island from most of the tourist spots, this beach is much quieter and cleaner than lots of other spots in Bali. You’ll be able to while away your days lazing on the beach or getting a little more active with all the water sports on offer.
    Nusa Dua | Image by @amypapadatos__ via Instagram | Best Beaches in Bali | Global ExplorerNusa Dua | Image by @amypapadatos__ via Instagram
  3. Bingin. If you’re a surfer, you’ll already be well aware of this hidden spot. A little out of the way, it’s perfect for a couples get away with plenty of yoga, beachside beers and scooter rides!
    Bingin | Image by @welikebali via Instagram | Best Beaches in Bali | Global ExplorerBingin | Image by @welikebali via Instagram
  4. Jimbaran Bay. This is one of the best experiences in Bali – a seaside feast right on the sand. Come in time for sunset, pick your favourite lobster from the tank and enjoy the view.
  5. Suluban Beach. Even though it’s located directly below the popular Single Fin club, you still might miss this hidden beach gem. To get there you have to pass underneath a rock cave but once you’ve made it down to the sand you’ll be rewarded with a pretty spectacular view. Think crystal water surrounded by cliffs with plenty of surfers getting in on the action.
    Suluban Beach | Image by @luxuryplaces_now via Instagram | Best Beaches in Bali | Global ExplorerSuluban Beach | Image by @luxuryplaces_now via Instagram
  6. Thomas Beach. It’s no longer a hidden gem but it’s still one of the quieter beaches on the island. Be sure to pack a picnic lunch and plenty of sunblock as there’s not much around, which is perfect if you’re after a little more privacy.
    Thomas Beach | Image by @__vaily__ via Instagram | Best Beaches in Bali | Global ExplorerThomas Beach | Image by @__vaily__ via Instagram
  7. Amed Beach. If you’re a keen diver, this is the spot for you. You’ll be able to score some epic holiday snaps of the volcanoes in the background, but the real gems along this beach are under water. This beach is home to one of the area’s best coral reefs and you can even adventure as far as Tulamben to explore the shipwrecked US Liberty.
    Amed Beach | Image by @alldayidreamaboutspearing via Instagram | Best Beaches in Bali | Global ExplorerAmed Beach | Image by @alldayidreamaboutspearing via Instagram
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