Reasons to Visit Samoa

Samoa is in the heart of Polynesia and what it lacks in retail stores it more than makes up for in spectacular natural beauty and incredible resorts. A holiday to the South Pacific is second to none, but each of the islands is more diverse than you might suspect. Tahiti, Fiji and Samoa may seem similar, but the differences are many. Read on for your inspiration and reasons to visit Samoa!
  1. Flights
This tropical oasis is not as out of reach as most suspect, direct flights leave from both Brisbane and Sydney taking only 5 and 6 hours to reach Apia. You can keep an eye on I Know the Pilot for sales as well as keeping an eye on Skyscanner. If there are no current deals you can set up an alert to let you know when the fares drop!
  1. Not Too Many Tourists
Being relatively unknown to the commercial world means the island isn’t swarming with tourists! You can enjoy secluded stretches of perfect beaches, fine waterfront dining, resort pools, and local attractions without fighting hordes of people. 
Not Too Many Tourists | Reasons to Visit Samoa | Global Explorer

  1. Seafood
If you like seafood, you will love the local cuisine of Samoa, which, being island-based is largely created around locally caught fish. Lime-marinated tuna is an incredible popular and refreshing dish we highly recommend. 
Locally Caught Seafood | Reasons to Visit Samoa | Global Explorer

  1. Beaches
You can easily spend hours swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and relaxing by the crystal clear waters of the south pacific. We love Lalomanu beach, Lefaga Beach, Tafa Tafa Beach, and Manase Beach. Of course beach preferences can change depending if you’re looking for a casual dip or are a surf buff. Luckily, Samoa caters to both interests! 
Lalomanu Beach | Reasons To Visit Samoa | Global Explorer

  1. Waterfalls & Blow Holes
Samoa is simply covered in natural wonders including plenty of waterfalls and a particularly impressive blow hole. On the island of Savai’I you’ll find Alofaaga Blowholes which shoot water hundreds of feet into the air!

If you’re looking for a swimming hole Papasee’a sliding rocks are natures playground, forming natural waterslides through thousands of years of running water.
Togitogiga Waterfall, Fuipisia Waterfall, and Afu Aau Falls are some of our favourite waterfalls, and each is easily accessible with amenities nearby. 
Fuipisia Waterfall | Reasons to Visit Samoa | Global Explorer

  1. Sua Trench
This ocean trench 20 meters below the ground is a famous sight and a must see for those visiting. Like most Samoan attractions the beauty is in the simply and intense beauty of nature! Another swimming cave we absolutely love is Piula Cave Pools, they are made up of two cave pools connected by an underwater tunnel that stretches 3 meters.
To Sua Trench | Reasons to Visit Samoa | Global Explorer

  1. Mountains & Forest
Samoa is covered in national parks filled with mountains, caves, swimming holes, lava cliffs and more. Birthed from a volcanic history, the landscapes are striking and often eerily beautiful. For those looking for adventure hiking Mount Matavanu is a must do, you will drive most of the way up before you are greeted by Da Crater Man who will guide you the rest of the way to the crater which is simply stunning.

Another must see are the Saleaula Lava Fields on Savai’I and the Coastal Lava Cliff Walk on Upolu (which looks similar to a smaller, dark London Bridge), Rainforest Runaway Ecotours run great tours that take you to the best places and teach you about the history and culture. 
Canopy Walkway | Reasons to Visit Samoa | Global Explorer

  1. The Last Sunset in the World
The last country situated on the international date line you will see the last sunset in the world – not only is it the last one, generally they are pretty spectacularly coloured, so it’s worth the trip to the edge of the earth! 
Last Sunset in the World | Reasons to Visit Samoa | Global Explorer

  1. Incredible Resorts
While Samoa in general has preserved a lot of their culture and heritage through cherishing fa’a, the Samoan way, the island does have a few incredible resorts, our top pick is Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa as it was voted number 1 luxury resort in Samoa and offers some incredible beachfront villas. It’s luxury, but still humble. 
Sinalei Reef Resort | Reasons to Visit Samoa | Global Explorer

  1. Culture & Cleanliness
Samoans are amazingly friendly. They are family oriented and culturally rich. The people are generous, enthusiastic and loving, which is a breath of fresh air.

Despite heavy influence from Christian missionaries in the 1800’s the culture is one of the best preserved in the South Pacific and Polynesia, so be sure to participate in a Fia Fia night of feast and entertainment if you get the opportunity!
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